Fashion Trends for 2017

The luxury industry specifically the fashion industry revolved around producing the finest merchandise on a yearly basis. With the global trends changing and progressing at a fast pace, the competition has grown giving more variety to its consumers and the ease to accept the new fashion trends.

Preserving the heritage of fashion, like every year; 2017 brings with it fashion trends for both men and women focusing on class, preference and modernity. Freshen up your 2017’s wardrobe with new cuts, styles and get the New Year on with a buzz.

Women can add these 5 trending new fashion outlook to their collection right now.

  1. Metallic- The new natural

2017 calls for metallic vibes. Dull or shimmery, shoes in silver and gold be it flats or heels.

Whether you’re in your daily casuals, a metallic flavor to your wardrobe allows you to stand out in the crowd and add the oomph factor to your ensemble. Matte finish metallic sneakers for a daily walk, or shimmery dull gold for an evening wear will definitely upgrade your look.


  1. Bell shaped sleeves

If you’re wearing a simple outfit, add some flared flavor to your top with a dramatic touch of bell shaped sleeps. Be it formal dressing for work, or an evening classy look bell shaped sleeves shall be a trending style in 2017.

Bell shaped sleeves

  1. Square shaped block heels

Let your feet feel the comfort along with style, with the trending squared shaped heels. Whether you’re off to work or out with friends, these heels allow you to walk easily, and carry style at the same time.

Square shaped

  1. Vibrant Stripped Dresses

Let the color pop redefine your fashion sense. 2017 is all about happy and vibrant set of colors on your apparel. Stripped colors will be a trending fashion on all sorts of styles be it tops, dresses or casuals. These can easily be carried out with friends and at informal gatherings.

Vibrant strpped

  1. Denim on Denim

Denim trend is slowly taking over at a fast pace. From denim jackets, to denim long shirts, formals and informal, denim shall be a hit sensation for 2017. The trend for wearing a mixed range of denim jeans on denim top or any accessory be it denim chokers, shoes or bags; this trend will be the most prominent in 2017.


Popular Fashion trends for men have evolved over the years, offering much more creativity and competition on the fashion industry. Look out for these top most trending men’s fashion for 2017.

  1. Patterned suits

Patterned suits are coming back again from yesteryears and this time they shall stay for long. These are colored to subtle checker patterns, in even squares. These can be worn not only at semi-formal but formal work meetings as well. They can easily be matched with plain or stripped shirts.

patterned suits

  1. Pink pastels

The subtle tone for pink pastels shall be commonly worn, be it formal shirts, sweater on casual. The subtle top can easily be carried with a pair of jeans and converse for a casual look or khaki pants or dress pants for a more formal attire.


  1. Stubble beard

Facial hair trends are always a top priority too look at for fashion trends. For the year 2017, neatly trimmed stubble hair shall be in, giving a decent and a toned down look.


  1. Military styled shirts

The basic military camouflage print shall be commonly seen in 2017. For casual shirt, layering with jackets or a T-shirt, the military uniform top can easily be paired with formal or casual pants giving a nice and edgy look for your summers or any season of the year 2017.

Military shirt

  1. Longer hair cut styles

2017 will be all about volume up hair, longer cuts giving the edgy look with high up gelled hair. These can easily be styled for casual or formal occasions.


Get the trends for your 2017 and make your fashion statement right away.

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8 Fall Fashion Trends To Follow

With Fall Fashion Weeks going on in NYC, Paris, Milan and London, Stylict team observed the styles on the runways and rounded up 8 Fall Fashion trends for you.

1.Fabulous Fur

Statement fur jackets have been seen in various forms on the runway shows. Some of them were eye catching due to bold color and patterns. Jackets with large fur collars were also seen. Full Fur and Fur -leather Combination Jackets are in for this fall.


2. Bold Velvet

Colorful velvet dresses are making their way this Fall. Short and long velvet dresses in various forms – turtleneck gowns, slip dress, slit skirts, cropped pants in bright colors (purple, burgundy, marigold yellow) are couple of trends for Fall’2016.


3.Patterned Pantsuits

This style is inspired by menswear. Pattern and stripe pant suits are not the usual boring gray and blue business suits, but are tailored in chic colors which you can wear not only at your workplace but also in after office parties.


4.Bell Sleeves

You might want to buy balloon sleeves or bell sleeves dresses for this fall. Extra long sleeves puffed around the shoulders or ruffled around the arms were seen across shirts, gowns and dresses.


5.Charming Choker

You need to get a choker this fall to complement your outfits be it a metallic chunky choker or a broad lace choker that fully covers your neck.


6.Embellished Embroidery

Embroided sweaters, coats ,dresses and skirts are being seen in the Fall Fashion weeks. Match the embroided coats and sweaters with ruffle gowns and skirts to become a fall fashionista.


7. Lots of Ruffles

Ruffles were seen everywhere from ruffled off-shoulder tops, turtlenecks to dresses and shoes. Dresses and tops with ruffle layers in front and long sleeve tops with ruffles across arms and shoulders were quiet commonly seen.


8.Puffer Jacket

You should grab a puffer jacket this fall to keep yourself warm and cozy.This trend was brought back by Chanel, Haider Ackermann, Balenciaga, Louis Vitton in Fall fashion week

puffer jacket

Gigi Hadid’s 10 streetstyles worth stealing

Gigi Hadid, an American supermodel is at the center of the fashion world and is looked upon as fashion inspiration for the youth.
When she is not on shooting, she is wearing a wide range of outfits from shirt dress to distressed jeans and her wide ranged outstanding style makes her what she is today. Scroll through these 10 street styles to get inspired and don’t forget to pin them!

Studed leather jacket with Denim while she was in NYC

6 Outfits ideas for Office Party

Most of us are in dilemma while deciding what to wear for office parties. What to wear on such occasion is most difficult because you don’t want to look too casual, but still want to maintain little bit of professionalism in your look. Certainly you can’t wear what you usually do on normal working days, so what options do you have then? Choose something which is not too revealing, but is refreshing and different from formals, at the same time  you should be comfortable to wear it because you might need to stay for long in such parties.We have selected 6 styles which would make you look amazing in your office parties


Get on a sequin pencil skirt, or a sequin pant with a crepe shirt, it gives a party look and is really a good choice for night parties. Pair it up with pumps and carry a structured tote.


2.Printed Culottes

Printed culottes would completely revamp the formal look you have on usual days. Choose floral print culottes with a plain tank top and pair it up with a contrast scarf or a statement necklace to complete the look


3.Lace dress

Lace dresses will make you look elegant and stylish at the same time.Choose black, red, white or nude colors and pair it up with high heels and do your hair nicely with hair accessories like headbands or girly hairbands with a bow to complete the look.


4.Boyfriend Jeans

Wear boyfriend jeans with a T or a shirt and a jacket. You can wear sneakers to be more casual and comfortable all day long.


5.Maxi skirt

Wear printed maxi skirt with a tank and a statement necklace. Get a striped maxi, or a modern printed one. Make a high bun and carry shades to complete the look.



Wear a jumpsuit with high heels and a clutch or a cross shoulder bag. Complement the look with a hat to bring in festive mood.


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5 Type of bags that every women should own

Somebody said “Purses are like friends you can never have too many”, it is quite true unless you are fond of collecting different bags. Ladies have hell lot of different dresses so obviously they can’t carry one bag with all type of dresses. It is very important in fact to carry a bag according to the occasion or the place otherwise even if you are well dressed from head to toe, one single bag can spoil the look.d3b924a034a3340452c255d1e44ef6f0

Let us have a look at the 5 type of bags every women should have, the occasion for which they should be used and the type of outfit which suits with these bags



This bag is carried on shoulders and is really easy to carry. This is best to carry while travelling for short distances, it has enough space to put in some clothes, cosmetics and books, tablets. Choose girlish backpacks and especially leather bags which really look chic. Carry it with jeans and sweatshirt or T-shirt, the usual outfit that you wear while travelling. Even with Harem /loose pants and a shirt/T-shirt it would look cool



This is a small sized bag which can carry only essentials like phone, lipstick/cosmetics, money or credit cards. They can be plain or embellished with stones or rhinestones, the one with stones and rhinestones/pearls are called as Minaudiere bags, Usually these bags are decorated with crystals, beads, pearls etc. to make them look catchy. Minaudiere bags should be carried for evening dinners or weddings .Pair them with a gown or cocktail dresses. Buy only 1or 2 of these in color like black or white which usually can be paired with every color.

3. Cross Shoulder Bags


These ae also called as sling bags and are small in size but little bigger than Clutch. So you can stuff in some more important thing which you might need on the way. These are really easy to carry as your hands would be free and you don’t have to worry about your bag everytime. Pair it with casual dresses(shift dress, shirt dress) and boots to look chic

4. Structured Tote Bags


If you are a working women, then these are the bags for you. Good to carry documents, tablets, cosmetics etc. You can even stuff your wallet and a small water bottle in this bag. Buy a big one if you have too many things to carry every day. Buy this bag in basic colors like black, brown, nude or white so you don’t have to worry if it is matching with your work wear or not.

5.Hobo Bags:


These bags have a round bottom and are in a crescent shape, best for casual office outings or weekend gateways. They have a medium length strap and can be carried over shoulder easily. Pair them with long skirts or loose pants/harems (Boho Look).


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