Why Stylict.com?

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First of all, thanks a lot for taking the pain to check out this blog post. I thought I’d start with why we built this community (Stylict.com).

Now, there are plethora of fashion blogs, fashion magazines and eCommerce sites who are good at reporting news and showing what’s the ‘in’ thing. This information overload makes it very difficult to weed out irrelevant content. We don’t have a platform that aggregates new styles (images and videos), latest fashion related articles and news available around the web. Stylct.com, apart from being a content aggregation platform, also encourages the community members to vote (heart) for the good quality submissions. This helps high quality submissions to trend and in a democratic way we get to know which content is liked by the community. In other words:

‘the community validates the trend’.

Given below are some of the use cases of this platform:

    • Fashion bloggers can share their latest articles on this platform to expand their audience base
    • Fashion designers can submit their new designs
    • Photographers can share new photos
    • Members can showcase their outfits and discuss about it
    • Everyone will get a glimpse of latest fashion from the curated content everyday

Every week this blog will pick content with maximum number of votes submitted in each of the day of that week and list out top 7 posts. That’s all for now.

Happy posting!

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