Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do on Stylict?

  1. Start off by signing up via Facebook, Twitter or Email registration.
  2. After signing up, you’ll become a member of this community and that gives you privileges to ‘heart’ posts, create collections, post comments and create posts.

How do I show my liking for a post?

Just click on the heart icon present below the post to express your liking.

Stylict heart a post

What is a collection and how do I create one?

Collections help you bookmark and curate the styles you love. Have a look at the image to understand how ‘collections’ are created.

Stylict Collections

Start creating ‘Collections’, who knows you might end up with something amazing.

What kind of content can I post?

To create a new post you need to click on the “+” button in the top right corner.

Stylict new posts

Here are types of content you can submit:

  1. Links to interesting articles, videos and images
  2. Photos of a new style

These can be your own creations too.

Stylict Sample Post

Can I ask my friends/relatives to like my posts?

Please, do not ask anyone to ‘heart’ your posts. Community members should voluntarily show their love and that’s how everyone will be benefited i.e. discover great style everyday!

Ok, how do I contact you?

Mail us at or tweet @GoStylict.


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